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Walker Fine Arts Programs

Walker students are exposed to the fine arts through music, visual arts and drama programs. The Fine Arts enhance children’s quality of life by providing creative, emotional, and social opportunities. Personal accomplishments earned through the arts can ensure a feeling of success and build confidence and self‐esteem. Students make new friends and learn teamwork and responsibility—all while having fun! Walker musicians perform in the Walker band and orchestra. Students who choose to join the Stage Left Theatre as part of the afterschool EDGE program put on two shows a year. Visual arts students produce masterpieces in class.


The Walker Chorus provides students with an opportunity to further their understanding of the voice and deepen their knowledge and appreciation of music through singing in a group setting. The Walker Chorus presents several concerts each year and participates in vocal competitions

Important Dates:
Holiday Concert- December 3rd
All-District Chorus- February 7th and 8th
District Choral Assessment- March 13th and 14th
All-City Chorus- March 26th
Spring Concert- April 23rd
Musicale Festival- April 25th

Instructor: Miss Virginia Hill: Virginia.Hill@charlottesvilleschools.org, 434-245-2412 ext. 1245


The Walker Orchestra program consists of beginning and advanced orchestras that perform in several concert and recital performances each year.

Instruments: Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bass

Important Dates:
Holiday Concert- December 11th
Recital Night - February 25th
Field Trip to JMU Symphony- March 19th
Spring Concert- April 30th
JMU Spring String Thing (6th gr. advanced students by application) - May 16th-18th

Instructor: Dr. Polly Sibert: Polly.Sibert@charlottesvilleschools.org, 434-245-2412 ext. 2918


The Walker Band program consists of three concert bands, and a jazz band that perform several times a year and participate in musical competitions.

Woodwinds: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, or Bassoon
Brass: Trumpet, French horn, Trombone, Baritone Horn, or Tuba
Percussion: Drums, Cymbals, Timpani, Mallets

Important Dates:
Holiday Concert- December 18th
All-District Band- January 31st and February 1st
Rehearse-a-thon- February 8th
District Jazz Festival- February 15th
District Assessment Preview Concert- February 26th
District Band Assessment- February 28th and March 1st
Musical Festival- April 25th
Spring Concert- May 23rd
Jazz Band Performance at Fellini’s- June 4th

Instructors: Mr. Bob Dunnenberger: Robert.Dunnenberger@charlottesvilleschools.org, 434-245-2412 ext. 2920
Ms. Laura Bock: Laura.Bock@charlottesvilleschools.org

Visual Arts

All art activities are designed to allow students to enjoy and successfully complete the lessons on whatever level of ability they have achieved. The lessons cover many areas and include appropriate Art SOLs. Students are graded on daily effort, how they follow directions/steps, how they use supplies, how they follow class rules and responsibilities, as well as the final result of each project.

Walker Upper Elementary School artists are taking over the spotlight!  Work is displayed in the hall of "B" building in the Walker Art Gallery, in the hallway by the office, and in the cafeteria. Parents are welcome to visit. Anyone wishing to help out in art may call 245-2412 and leave a message or e-mail Anna Santistevan, the Walker Art Teacher.

Recycling though Art

SAVE things that can be used in art! You can send things in with your child, bring them by the art room or leave them in the office. Items: yarn, string, cord, rope, fabric scraps and sewing notions, buttons, polyfill, old and new greeting cards, calendars, magazines, craft supplies, old jewelry, beads, gadgets for printmaking, old picture frames, styrofoam meat trays, cottage cheese containers, used computer paper, wallpaper books, mat boards, wire, phone cable wire, interesting shaped bottles and containers to draw, paint ..any kind, fake plants and flowers, things from nature (pine cones, shells, dried weeds). If it’s NOT on the list and you think we might use it, please SEND IT!!!!!!!