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In 1585, the Queen of England had given Sir Walter Raleigh permission to start a colony in the New World. He sent 100 colonists with food and supplies to Roanoke Island, off the coast of present-day North Carolina. By 1591, there was no sign of life in this settlement, and Roanoke came to be known as the Lost Colony.
In the early 17th century, England was once more ready to claim land in the New World. King James 1 established joint stock companies which would put up money and share ownership in the company. One such company was the Virginia Company of London. The merchants were given three objectives. They were to find gold and silver, find a route to the South Sea, and find the Lost Colony of Roanoke.


As one of the young boys who survived the trip to Jamestown, you are to report back to the stockholders whether the three objectives given were met. Along with your classmates, you will also develop a panel discussion about life in Jamestown and tell about the experiences and events of starting a new settlement. Since there was a constant need for more people to come to the colony of Jamestown, companies like the Virginia Company of London advertised for people to go to the New World. You are given the job of designing one such poster. We have seen that the population of Jamestown changed often rather unexpectedly due to different situations. Using information about the population of Jamestown between 1607 and 1618, you will develop a graph using a spreadsheet to show these changes. There were three very important events that occurred in Jamestown in 1619 that greatly affected America’s history. You are to explain why these events were so important. Finally you are to do a timeline depicting the important dates and events about this first English settlement.


History of Jamestown

A Brief History of Jamestown, Virginia

Jamestown Colony Timeline


New Book of Knowledge


1. Working individually and / or in pairs, you will research material about people who lived in Jamestown and present a panel discussion. Be sure you can answer whether the three objectives given to the company prior to the voyage were met.
a. Your panel members will introduce themselves and explain their role in the development of Jamestown. One student will serve as moderator and others will represent: an original settler, John Smith, Pocahontas, Powhatan, John Rolfe, a member of the House of Burgesses, a woman who came in 1619, and a black man who came in 1619.
b. Each member of the panel should be able to answer questions asked of them.

2. You are to develop a colorful poster which might promote the attraction of Jamestown and entice English people to settle there. The poster should have a slogan and drawings that emphasize the free land, potential for getting rich, marriage opportunities, and the freedom of control from the King.

3. With the following dates and numbers, create a graph using a spreadsheet to show the changes in the population of Jamestown.
1607 - 105
1608 - 38
1609 - 500
1610 - 60
1611 - 360
1618 - 4,500

4. Write a one-page report that explains the significance of the following events in the history of America: the arrival of women to Jamestown, the arrival of the Dutch ship carrying black men to the West Indies that was blown off course at Jamestown, and the creation of the House of Burgesses.

5. In groups of two make a timeline that shows what you consider to be the eight most important events that happened in the settlement of Jamestown and the dates in which these events happened.


The panel discussion will be evaluated by how well informed the members are about their character and the responses to the questions that are asked.

The posters will be evaluated on the information presented, the creative thinking skills used, design, neatness, and use of color.

The graph will be evaluated based on how clearly the information is presented.

The report will be evaluated according to the answers given based on the research done.

The timeline will be evaluated according to events and dates selected as being the most important in the establishment of Jamestown.


At the end of this project, you should have a better understanding of the Jamestown Colony and the difficulties endured by those who were involved in its settlement.