Scholars Program

Director: Beverly Catlin, Coordinator of Instruction
(434) 245-2421

Through early intervention, the Scholars Program assists each individual to become successful academically and socially. In return, these students provide leadership and motivation to other young people in the community.


The Scholars Program provides educational experiences that support students in a rigorous academic program and prepares them for four-year college eligibility.

Our Students

Scholars students are those who demonstrate strong academic potential but may need encouragement and support to reach and maintain their high performance capabilities. Scholars identifies students who are low income, who will be first generation college enrollees, who face circumstances that may be obstacles to achievement, or who are from underserved populations.

Grade Levels: 5-12

Goals of Scholars Program

  1. To offer a multi-faceted talent development program with intellectually challenging experiences and an academic emphasis.
  2. To have students enrolled in a rigorous course of study including a college preparatory course sequence.
  3. To match students with school-based after-school and summer opportunities according to their strengths, talents, and interests.
  4. To develop learning plans tailored to students’ individual talents and needs.
  5. To help students set goals and evaluate their progress in meeting these goals.
  6. To help students devise strategies for overcoming difficulties or obstacles instead of becoming discouraged.
  7. To facilitate students’ transitions from grade to grade; from school to school; and from high school to the post-secondary education best suited to their talents and needs.
  8. To develop broad-based program support and involvement from parents, teachers, administrators, and community members.
  9. To train participating adults in the skills necessary to identify and support talent development.

Scholars in Grades 5-8

Scholars is a college-preparatory program for students recommended by teachers, administrators, parents, and students themselves. In grades 5-8 students participate in an after-school program three times a week. At the middle school Scholars also take classes that are positioned between advanced and honors level courses. With support, fifth through eighth grade students develop high-level thinking strategies, build organizational skills, receive tutoring in academic areas, accept homework assistance, confer regularly with the Scholars teacher, evaluate their report card grades, and set personal goals. UVA students, volunteer tutors, interns, classroom teachers, instructional assistants, and Scholars staff work with students to assure their success.

Scholars in Grades 9-12

Charlottesville High School students in the Scholars Program receive services designed specifically for them. The group meets regularly with teachers who reinforce study skills, support them in their academic classes, provide PSAT and SAT preparation sessions, and arrange tutoring for those having difficulty in specific content areas. Students receive individualized services intended to support students in successfully completing advanced and higher level classes, and guide them toward enrollment in a college or university. Services include: a close monitoring of attendance and grades, regular communication with parents, teachers, and counselors, teaching study skills, providing homework support and individualized tutoring. During the school year, students participate in extracurricular such as peer mediation training, community service, college visits, and problem-solving workshops with students and faculty at Darden Business School. Summer opportunities include job training and academic camps.

Student Selection Criteria

  • Performing on or above grade level in reading and math
  • Desire and determination to use program resources
  • Appropriate behavior with few to no discipline referrals
  • Good school attendance
  • Report card grades of A’s, B’s and limited C’s
  • Recommendation by teacher, administrator, parent, or student
  • Parent involvement

Parent Involvement

Parental involvement is a vital component of the initiative. In order for a student to be enrolled in the program, the parent(s) must support daily school attendance, attend informational sessions, monitor homework, encourage academic excellence, and contact the school or program staff when problems arise.

Scholars Program Staff

Beth SchrankWalker(434)
Yolanda RoseBuford(434)
Jeffery SmithCHS(434)
Yumeca WebbCHS(434)

Program Documentation

The following documents are available at each site for review:

  1. Scholars Brochure, Charlottesville City Schools
  2. Scholars Program Tutoring Manual