Henry Avenue Learning Center

The Henry Avenue Learning Center serves adolescent and young adult students attending Charlottesville City Schools who are unable to complete their middle or high school education in the traditional setting because of their conduct.


The mission of the Charlottesville City Schools Alternative Education Program is to provide an environment that enables each student to maximize learning opportunities, to achieve success and increase skills through a non-traditional academic, career and life skills program.


The Alternative Program allows students to learn in a safe, calm environment and provides a structured learning environment with clearly defined limits. Our purpose is to provide a short term educational program for students who, because of their behavior and lack of success, need to be temporarily removed from their regular schools. When the student improves behavior and shows academic growth, he or she is allowed to return to the regular school environment.

Children Served

Children served by the Alternative Education Program include those students who have experienced:

  • Documented history of disruptive behavior;
  • Detention by the police or court system for possession of weapons, assault, unlawful wounding, possession and/or distribution of controlled substances and marijuana, arson and burglary;
  • Conviction through the court system for the offenses listed above; and/or
  • Long-term suspension (more than 20 days) or expulsion ordered by the Charlottesville City School Board

Services Offered

The students are offered:

  • Individualized programs of course work;
  • Work Experience/ Vocational Training;
  • Comprehensive counseling; and
  • High School diplomas or GED preparation

The parents are offered monthly meetings to learn how to deal with parenting issues in a productive way.

Program Coordinator:
Mr. Troy Duke
715 Henry Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 245-2406