Revised July 15, 2010

The Charlottesville City Schools Policies and Regulations
manual is organized according to the classification system developed by the
Educational Policies Services of the National School Boards Association.
The system provides an efficient means of coding, filing, and finding poilcies, regulations, and other documents.

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Index to Sections of CCS Policies and Regulations Manual

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Section A - Foundations and Basic Commitments View Section A as PDF

Section B - School Board Governance and Operations View Section B as PDF

Section C - General School Administration View Section C as PDF

Section D - Fiscal Management View Section D as PDF

Section E - Support Services View Section E as PDF

Section F - Facilities Development View Section F as PDF

Section G - Personnel View Section G as PDF

Item Policy title Regulation

GA Personnel Policies Goals GA-R

GAA Staff Time Schedules GAA-R

GAB Acceptable Use of Technology Policy GAB-R

GB Equal Employment Opportunity/Nondiscrimination GB-R

GBA Harrassment GBA-R

GBB Staff Involvement in Decision-Making GBB-R

GBC Staff Compensation Procedures GBC-R

GBD Board-Staff Communications

GBE Staff Health GBE-R

GBEA Unlawful Manufacture, Distribution, Dispensing, Possession or Use of a Controlled Substance GBEA-R

GBEB Staff Weapons in Schools GBEB-R

GBEC Tobacco-Free School for Staff GBEC-R

GBG Staff Participation in Political Activities GBG-R

GBI Staff Gifts and Solicitations GBI-R

GBL Personnel Records GBL-R

GBLA Third Party Complaints Against Employees GBLA-R

GBM Staff Grievances GBM-R

GBMA Support Staff Grievances GBMA-R

GBN Staff Hiring Procedures GBN-R

GBO Virginia Retirement System

GBR Voluntary Retirement Savings Program

GC Professional Staff GC-R

GCA Local Licenses for Teachers GCA-R

GCB Professional Staff Contracts GCB-R

GCBA Staff Salary Schedules GCBA-R

GCBB Supplementary Pay Plans for Exempt Employees GCBB-R

GCBC Staff Fringe Benefits GCBC-R

GCBD Staff Leaves and Absences GCBD-R

GCBE Family and Medical Leave

GCBEA Leave Without Pay GCBEA-R

GCBEB Military Leave GCBEB-R

GCCB Employment of Family Members GCCB-R

GCDA Effect of Criminal Conviction GCDA-R

GCE Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment GCE-R

GCG Professional Staff Probation and Continuing Contract GCG-R

GCI Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers GCI-R

GCL Professional Staff Development GCL-R

GCM Supervision of the Evaluation Process GCM-R

GCN Evaluation of Professional Staff GCN-R

GCPA Reduction in Professional Staff Workforce GCPA-R

GCPB Resignation of Professional Staff Members GCPB-R

GCPD Professional Staff Members: Contract Status and Discipline GCPD-R

GCQA Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Members

GCQAB Tutoring for Pay GCQAB-R

GCQB Professional Staff Research and Publishing GCQB-R

GD Support Staff

GDB Support Staff Employment Status GDB-R

GDBA Support Staff Salary Schedules GDBA-R

GDBD Support Staff Leaves and Absences GDBD-R

GDG Support Staff Probation GDG-R

GDI Support Staff Assignments and Transfers GDI-R

GDN Evaluation of Support Staff GDN-R

GDPB Resignation of Support Staff Members GDPB-R

GDPD Support Staff Members: Contract Status and Discipline GDPD-R

GDQ School Bus Drivers

Section I - Instruction View Section I as PDF

Item Policy title Regulation

I Purpose and Mission Statement

IA Instructional Goals and Objectives

IAA Notification of Learning Objectives IAA-R

IB Academic Expression IB-R

IC/ID School Year/School Day IC/ID-R

IE Minute of Silence IE-R

IEA Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance IEA-R

IEB National Motto IEB-R

IEC Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States IEC-R

IF Curriculum Development and Adoption IF-R

IFB Pilot, Research, or Experimental Projects IFB-R

IFE Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines IFE-R

IGA Basic Instructional Program IGA-R

IGAD Career and Technical Education IGAD-R

IGAE/IGAF Health/Physical Education IGAE/IGAF-R

IGAG Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco IGAG-R

IGAH Family Life Education (FLE) IGAH-R

IGAI Character Education IGAI-R

IGAJ Driver Education IGAJ-R

IGAK Alternatives to Animal Dissection IGAK-R

IGBA Programs for Students with Disabilities IGBA-R

IGBB Programs for Gifted Students IGBB-R

IGBC Parental Involvement IGBC-R

IGBE Prevention, Intervention, Remedial Instruction Program IGBE-R

IGBF Limited English Proficient Students IGBF-R

IGBG Homebound, Correspondence and Alternative Means of Instruction IGBG-R

IGBGA Online Courses and Virtual School Programs

IGBH Alternative School Programs IGBH-R

IGBI Advanced Placement Classes IGBI-R

IGCA Summer Schools IGCA-R

IGDA Student Organizations (Secondary Schools) IGDA-R

IGE Adult Education IGE-R

IHA Grouping for Instruction IHA-R

IHB Group Size IHB-R

IIA Instructional Materials IIA-R

IIAA Textbook Selection, Adoption, and Purchase IIAA-R

IIAB Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption IIAB-R

IIAE Innovative or Experimental Projects IIAE-R

IIBD School Libraries/Media Centers

IIBEA Acceptable Use of Technology Policy GAB/IIBEA-R


IIBEBA Student Exchange/Travel/Study Programs IIBEBA-R

IICB/IICC Community Resource Persons/School Volunteers

IJ Guidance and Counseling Program IJ-R

IKA Parental Assistance with Instruction IKA-R

IKB Homework IKB-R

IKEB Acceleration IKEB-R

IKEC Promotion and Retention IKEC-R

IKF Standards of Learning, Graduation Requirements IKF-R

IKFA Locally Awarded Verified Credit IKFA-R

IKG SOL Remediation Recovery Program IKG-R

IKH Retaking SOL Assessments IKH-R

IL Testing Programs IL-R

IM Evaluation of Instruction Program IM-R

INB Teaching about Controversial Issues (Including Political Campaigns) INB-R

INDC Religion in the Schools

Section J - Student Services View Section J as PDF

Item Policy title Regulation

JB Equal Educational Opportunities/Nondiscrimination JB-R

JBA Section 504 Hearing Procedures JBA-R

JC School Attendance Zones JC-R

JCA Transfers by Student Victims of Crimes JCA-R

JCB Transfers by Students in Persistently Dangerous Schools JCB-R

JCC School Choice for Students Enrolled in Schools Identified for Improvement JCC-R

JCJ Classroom Assignments for Twins

JD School Census JD-R

JEA Compulsory Attendance JEA-R

JEB Entrance Age/Admission of Persons not of School Age JEB-R

JEC School Admission JEC-R

JECA Admission of Homeless Children JECA-R

JECB Admission of Nonpublic Students for Part-Time Enrollment JECB-R

JECC Admission of Non-Resident Students JECC-R

JED Student Absences/Excuses/Dismissals JED-R

JEG Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance JEG-R

JFB Student Involvement

JFC Student Conduct JFC-R

JFCA Teacher Removals of Students from Class JFCA-R

JFCB Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity JFCB-R

JFCC Student Conduct on School Buses JFCC-R

JFCD Weapons in School JFCD-R

JFCE Gang Activity or Association JFCE-R

JFCF Drugs in School JFCF-R

JFCH Tobacco-Free School for Students JFCH-R

JFCI Substance Abuse Student Assistance Program JFCI-R

JFCJ Written Notification of Violation of School Policies by Students in Alternative Education Programs JFCJ-R

JFG Search and Seizure JFG-R

JFHA Harassment JFHA-R

JGA Corporal Punishment JGA-R

JGD/JGE Student Suspension/Expulsion JGD/JGE-R

JGDA Disciplining Students with Disabilities JGDA-R

JGDB Discipline of Students with Disabilities for Infliction of Serious Bodily Injury

JHC Student Health Services and Requirements JHC-R

JHCA Physical Examination of Students JHCA-R

JHCB Student Immunizations JHCB-R

JHCC Communicable Diseases JHCC-R

JHCCA Blood Borne Contagious or Infectious Diseases JHCCA-R

JHCD Administering Medicines to Students JHCD-R

JHCE Recommendation of Medication by School Personnel JHCE-R

JHCF Wellness Policy

JHDA Human Research JHDA-R

JHG Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting JHG-R

JHH Suicide Prevention JHH-R

JL Fund Raising and Solicitation JL-R

JN Student Fees, Fines and Charges JN-R

JO Student Records JO-R

JP Student Publications JP-R

Section K - Community Relations View Section K as PDF

Section L - Education Agency Relations View Section L as PDF